What Next?

Thirteen of us got together in the Black Horse on Sunday. We welcomed two new members who met us in the street on Saturday, which was great.  We were all very buoyed by the success of the day. It seems, we collected around 800 names for the petition to Save our NHS,

We have lots of materials and petitions left and it was suggested that we could do some leafleting or petition signing in our local areas and that people would be willing to support each other. So if you wish to have a mini event and would like some support then please post on the Skipton 38 degrees website and we will get leaflets to you. We will bring leaflets etc to the next meeting.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for new events to take place in local halls, to spread the word about what is happening to the NHS. This will be discussed further at our next meeting on the 15th, when we will have gathered information on possible speakers and films and the suitability of venues. If anyone has the means to show a film that would be very helpful. We know Carleton Village hall has a projector but we don’t know of any others.

We were reminded by Mike and Linda that the NHS is not the only issue, to which we agreed but we did feel that it had to remain our priority for now. They did offer the loan of 2 DVD’s to members – ‘Gasland’ which is about fracking and the Ken Loach film ‘Spirit of 45’. Kath kindly offered to borrow one and invite people around. We felt we had a ‘book/dvd club’ idea being established and that it could be a really good informative and social activity.

We feel we have come a long way in a month 🙂

One thought on “What Next?

  1. Great work – sorry I could not make the meeting! I will get there.

    My partner signed the petition during the NHS action. So keep up the good work and hope to meet you soon


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