Thursday 12th March

Today Judith and I went leafleting in Ilkley both for the NHS and Saturday’s TTIP meeting in Silsden. After which we had a drink and bite to eat and also looked at the Craven Herald, where we were pleased to find Steven Walpole’s letter saying how upset he was that our ‘Day of Action’ was not covered and the Craven Herald’s response of covering it this week, with a great photo from Tom Holmes!. Thank you Tom.

I was going to share it, but strangely I can’t find it in the online version!

Then we went to Keighley for a last meeting with their 38 Degrees group before their free public event in Silsden (details under meetings) The group has worked hard to get together the candidates for the major parties and was really upset to receive back-word from Kris Hopkins earlier this week. However hopefully there will be a good attendance and people will learn more about TTIP and the party’s positions on the issues.

We meanwhile are also looking forward to our next meeting on Sunday. We have exciting news in that Dr David Wrigley co- author of NHS for Sale has said he would be very happy to come to Skipton to speak to us, for no charge.
Details and agenda in meetings.

Tomorrow I will be sorting through some information on TTIP for display on Saturday. I will add it on a new tab.

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