Saturday 14th’s TTIP event

As members of both Keighley 38 Degrees and Skipton 38 Degrees Judith and I have had a busy, but good week 🙂

Keighley’s event at Silsden was a resounding success. Well done to all involved.

The venue – Silsden Methodist Church Hall was perfect.  Getting all the prospective candidates to be part of the panel – that is until a few days before,  when Kris Hopkins the current Conservative MP stood down with no stated reason, was a great achievement and the retired Bishop Colin Buchanan was a real find. Due to these attractions and due in part to a lot of footwork going in to leafleting, there were over 120 attendees (not including the organising team).


A brief presentation of TTIP and of our concerns was given and then the candidates gave their party and personal positions followed by prepared questions by 38 Degrees Keighley members with answers from the panel. After which there was an open question and answer session.

Congatulations are due to all on the content and conduct of the meeting aided in no small part by the Bishop who was an excellent Chair. I think all four candidates made some good points without resorting to any jibes ( well almost) and similarly to the calibre and stating of the questions.

I think a good few members of the public had their eyes opened to the dangers of TTIP and to the stances of the parties. John Grogan openly acknowledged the part 38 Degrees is playing in focussing candidates on issues, which the public care about. Hopefully we will gain some more members certainly 38 Degrees Airedale facebook group has  gained a few more members including Gareth Epps 🙂

It was good to see that afterwards quite a few people looked at the information on display and stayed for refreshments and further discussion between themselves.

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