We decided to invite the Bishop.

Sunday’s meeting was a very full on affair so much to talk about

After much discussion on the line the ‘Save our NHS’ event needs to take, we decided that it was imperative to make it very clear that:-

  • 38 degrees is an issue driven community and that overtly party political questions will not be accepted.
  • The aim of the meeting is to inform the public of the situation, not to lay blame or tell them how to vote.

We also decided that we really needed a chair. Those of us, who had attended the TTIP meeting had all liked the Bishop. We have invited him and he accepted straight away. So we now have Bishop Colin Buchanan as our chair.

Then we got around to questions and became very animated. Judith had put together an excellent list and more came forward as we talked.  These will be added to a question page and discussed at our next and last meeting on Wednesday 8th April @ 2pm at the Black Horse Skipton – hopefully the children’s area at the back will be free as it is the lightest area.

Our task will be to finalise the content of the event.

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