Save our NHS with Dr David Wrigley

This was a very successful first event for us. People came from up the dale – Giggleswick, south of the border – Colne and as far west as Calderdale, with good contingents from the Skipton and Keighley areas. Although at least two-thirds of the people there, were people who have been involved with taking action for 38 Degrees in some way, everyone learned a lot. Dr Wrigley had come armed with a box full of books and commented as he carried them in, that maybe he was being overly optimistic – but no, he sold them all and had to go to his car for one or two more! The profits from book sales go to Keep our NHS Public and Dr Wrigley made no charge for his time or travel which meant that the donations more or less covered our costs.

DrW solo

Many thanks to all who attended and brought or told friends and to those who gave their time to help plan and advertise it and to help on the day. Special thanks to those who took part. Dr Wrigley commented on the way we started it with personal accounts. The time spent on the questions paid off too. A big well done to us all.

We had lots of very positive feedback after the meeting and there were lots of conversations as we had our refreshments.

Comments received since…

A brilliant piece of work, thank you very much for your inspiring effort. May we get some smart publicity in the local and national press with Simon’s help. Lord Northcliffe told his reporters at The Daily Mail in 1918:  “The power of the press is very great, but not so great as the power of suppress”. With the internet, we cannot be ignored so easily today.

Michael Stephenson 

Thanks to you and Judith and your other members for organising this – I was very impressed with David Wrigley – I thought he made a really good job of explaining something very complicated in a clear way.  It rang true with my experience of the NHS and left me with a few new aspects to think about

Great turn out too and a very interesting event

Lynne Keighley 38 Degrees

Excellent speaker and questions from the floor I thought!    Robin  Keighley 38 Degrees

2 - Version 2

Simon wrote a piece for the Craven Herald which summarises the meeting well. Thanks Simon.

 With the future of the NHS becoming one of the main election issues 38 Degrees Skipton arranged a public meeting in Cross Hills last Saturday (11th April) to better understanding the issues of the present privatisation of the NHS. 

The meeting was chaired by the Bishop Colin Buchanan and attended by nearly seventy people

Dr David Wrigley, a practicing GP from Carnforth, and co-author of ‘NHS For Sale: Myths, Lies and Deception’,  presented a brief history of the NHS since its inception in 1948 and how it removed the real fear of sickness and suffering for the citizens of Britain who could not afford a doctor or the hospital. 

He described how the present privatisation process has been accepted by the politicians without any serious thought to its consequences, and how the introduction of the internal market and private service providers leads to the cherry-picking of the least risk and most profitable areas – leaving the most risky and most expensive areas  to the public NHS. 

He described how the transaction costs of setting up these privatisations amounts from 6% to 15% of the NHS budget – but that these costs are seldom mentioned by the politicians.

The meeting discussed what would happen if the NHS turned into a US-style system of health care – where many people are bankrupted if they fall ill.  What will happen to the large investments paid for by voluntary contributions from the general public, and what will happen if the private companies simply walk away from a non-profitable contracts. 

The meeting heard how the present privatisation agendas need to be reversed to save the NHS and how this can be achieved through public action and pressure on politicians in the present election. 

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