Voices from the Gasfields + Tina and Bob Tuesday 7th July

Mike Stephenson’s write – up…

I was so engrossed in the film, Voices from the Gasfields, shown at Carleton on 7th July I did not take notes.  It was a devastating warning from brave people in the Australian bush of the way a Government backed industry, hungry for profits, can ride roughshod over local people causing lasting damage to the environment.  The message was loud and clear:  if such chaos can happen in the outback of Australia think of the disruption waiting for us in a small overcrowded country like England.

My comment afterwards was to take our protest to the heart of Conservative, protestant England where the cherished words of William Blake from Jerusalem are sung with great feeling ending with ‘In England’s green and pleasant land’  The words of this poem stress the importance of our building a better society in England’s green and pleasant land – many people feel that more than enough industrial damage has been done already. The WI sing Blake’s poem, later made into a hymn, and next month it will rouse the heart of middle England in full choral/orchestral unison at the last night of the proms. Wouldn’t it be splendid if the No Fracking banner were to be raised among the Union Jacks.  England’s green and pleasant land is identified with English landscape and countryside – aspirations of rural middle class life. The poem was ‘written at a little cottage at the Sussex shore’. The people of Sussex will not have fracking and the Government knows this.  Why should we have it in Yorkshire or Lancashire or indeed anywhere in England.


Lisa is talking to Tina Louise Rothery and Bob Dennett, whom she invited to the meeting. Both important members and seasoned campaigners of Frack Free Lancashire a group of which Bob a co-founder. Tina is an inspiring character who took the fight to George Osborne when she stood against him as a green candidate but she is known and loved by all campaigners as one of the most formidable members of the group the ‘Nanas.’

DSCF1020There were approximately 30 people there. All were affected by the film’s message. The majority remained for tea, coffee and biscuits and stayed to join in a short talk and question and answer session with Tina and Bob, whose lives whether they like it or not have been taken over by this issue. This is a link to a video that shows them in action.


Talk in progress not just good communicators with a message but entertaining too.
Thanks for the photos goes to Victoria Buchan also of the Nanas 🙂

The next day Lisa made a Frack Free Craven facebook page and has been adding to it ever since and I workefd on the Fracking section of this site.

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