Sat 1st August Leafleting about Fracking in Skipton

Hard work on a fairly inclement day.

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It was total no response (you’re not really there) or ‘No thank you’ ( to which the answer was ‘That’s my line’) for possibly 60 -70% of the time. A few who knew little, but stopped to take info and then others who knew all about it and were willing to sign the letters to the councillors. (Letter at bootom of post – we got 55 signatures)
One lady who lived in Pennsylvania but here now, who we should have signed up to lead a meeting!
There were of course the few (less than a handful) who were in favour of fracking.

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Getting tired and sheltering from the rain. Luckily ‘our shop’ is still closed 🙂

Thanks from Lisa and I – to Mike and Linda, Frank, Bill and Jude.

It really illustrated that this is a message that needs spreading.


Info from Lisa about the letters that were signed…

I have been contacted by Frack Free Ryedale, who tell me – “Our strategy at the moment is to identify groups in all the districts of NY and then to request that…all the members of these groups contact their councillor to express their views and ask them to vote against any fracking. This matter will ultimately be decided by the planning committee so they are key to the whole thing, but health and environment scrutiny committees will also be debating this.

As I am sure you know Craven has 7 councillors of whom 2 (David Ireton conservative and Robert Hesletine independent) sit on the planning committee. The health scrutiny committee has Philip Barrett (ind), Shelagh Marshall and Patrick Mulligan both conservative ; while transport and environment has Richard Welch (cons), Robert Hesletine and Andy Solloway both independent.

So the 7 councillors from Craven between them sit on all the committees we need to reach, hence they will be vital to lobby.”

It is really important for us to support both Ryedale and Lancashire, as it would be catastrophic for the whole country if one of them loses this fight and fracking begins in earnest anywhere.

Attached is a template letter, provide by Friends of the Earth, that you can print off, sign and send to one, or preferably all, of the CDC Councillors named above. Apparently it is difficult for Ryedale to approach our Councillors directly, despite the application being in their area! The planning application has now been validated (at the third attempt!), so their threat is imminent.


Dear County Councillor,

I am writing to you to ask you to reject plans for fracking in North Yorkshire.

Fracking is now suspended in all parts of Britain outside of England due to concerns about the impact on health, the environment, local communities and climate change. The Scottish Government is undertaking a full public health assessment.

Internationally, New York State has also banned fracking after an expert report commissioned by its Department of Health stated:

“Until the science provides sufficient information to determine the level of risk to public health from HVHF (fracking) and whether the risks can be adequately managed, HVHF should not proceed in New York State.”

Other countries such as the Netherlands, France and Bulgaria have all said “no” to fracking.

Recently, councillors in Lancashire stood up for local residents by refusing applications to frack at two sites in the county. I am writing to you to ask you to do the same for the people of North Yorkshire and oppose Third Energy’s proposals to frack in Ryedale.

North Yorkshire’s residents should not be subjected to the known risks of water contamination, air pollution, adverse health impacts and carbon emissions as well as the blight on local communities from noise and traffic.

North Yorkshire’s economic strengths lie in the agricultural sector and in the visitor economy. These depend on good quality, unpolluted land, a peaceful and tranquil area for recreation and a landscape free from industrialisation. Here’s what a recently published report from DEFRA said about fracking:

“Shale gas development may transform a previously pristine and quiet natural region, bringing increased industrialization.

As a result rural community businesses that rely on clean air, land, water, and/or a tranquil environment may suffer losses from this change such as agriculture, tourism, organic farming, hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.”

Far from bringing economic benefits to the area, fracking poses serious risks to North Yorkshire’s economy and the potential for local employment and business growth.

Fracking will also fail to deliver energy security. Even the industry itself is not expecting to deliver any significant amounts of gas for at least a decade by which time we should be well on the way to decarbonising our energy sector.

Nor will fracking reduce energy bills. The UK Energy Research Centre has said that shale gas has been “completely oversold” and promises of lower prices and greater energy security are “lacking in evidence”.

It is hardly surprising then that opposition in North Yorkshire to fracking is significant and growing and people are demanding are cleaner, more sustainable and less destructive energy future for the county.

As my councillor, I ask you to stand up for your local communities by opposing Third Energy’s plans to frack in North Yorkshire.


As a regular visitor, I ask you to stand up for your local communities by opposing Third Energy’s plans to frack in North Yorkshire.

Kind regards,

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 Details for the County Councillors can be found here

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