Viv’s thoughts …

Our group was 6 months old at the end of July.

I have been doing a lot of reading/listening/watching/thinking/analysing and questioning in that time.

Who, what are we? What do we represent? What are we fighting? How do we square the non party political angle? How can we affect the situation?

We are just people with voices that we would like people to hear.

We are undoubtedly fighting this government and it’s neoliberal policies. A government that seems hell bent on delivering the country into the hands of large private businesses most of whom are not based in the UK and don’t pay taxes in the UK.  A government that gives tax cuts and benefits to the rich and to large businesses and cuts the money of the poor, sick and disabled. A government that wants to deliver an NHS run privately and paid for by private insurance on the whole, but preteds that that is not what it is doing. A government that cuts green initiative and backs fracking. A government in favour of TTIP and ISDS.

All these Issues have research sections on this site some more thorough than others. All being added to.

It is very political and it is totally anti the majority of Tory policies. But beyond that it is about the issues and if Caroline Lucas is Green and Jeremy Corbyn is Labour and Marie Black is SNP we don’t care, they are saying what we want to hear, as well as groups such as the People’s Democracy and Friends of the Earth and War on Want. The parties divide us and in so doing confuse the issues. We need to be a broad church and stay that way and respect differences of opinions and fight for what we think matters and where we might be able to affect change.

Firstly we need not to swallow the Tory mantra that there is no money and therefore no choice. While Osborne sells off the RSB at a loss etc etc and the neoliberal economics are treated as the Holy Grail.

Secondly I think the actions of the Tory party are so hard to understand to any caring individual, that many think – no that can’t be right and they wouldn’t do that.

Well this video I watched / listened to today is a perfect illustration of Tory policy in action. People are being evicted and public land is being sold at a ridiculous price, to a large company that doesn’t pay UK tax …

Quotes from the video…

‘what is going on here is a microcosm of what is going on in the world’
‘the public are being fleeced on 4 different levels!’

Now there is the argument that these people knew that there would be development eventually – but go back why did the Government sell these properties (at low cost and land rent free for 99 years) in the first place, when so many local people needed affordable homes? Why does the Government ever sell valuable assets to businesses that don’t pay UK taxes and how does this benefit the country? It recently discovered that this has happened with academy schools and private hospitals too and I know next to nothing!

That leads me on to the last question. How do we fight it?

First and foremost finding things out for ourselves. We need to not just have gut feelings but to know what we are talking about. Then we need to spread the information. This starts in small ways by talking; sharing petitions, articles and videos via email or facebook or sites like this. Everything that we share is taking us a step forward. We now have a Frack Free Craven Group on facebook and impetus on this front is being led by Lisa and soon we will have an NHS focus group, which will decide on how to respond to the rapid privatisation of the health service.
If you are interested in joining this please contact me. We are planning a meeting on the evening of 17th August time and venue yet to be decided.

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