TTIP Day of Action Saturday 22nd August

Other than Lynne P, Judith and I everyone was new to street action with 38 degrees Skipton and I think I’m right in saying only two had been to any of our previous meetings. This really illustrates how 38 Degrees brings people together to support the causes they care about.


The stage is set – table and info boards set up.  From left to right Tony, Lynn P, Claire, Geoff and Jo, who is already busy at work and has her back to us 🙂


Andrew from Pateley at work collecting a signature.


Claire talking to a couple from Settle.


Lynne talking the talk and gaining another signature.


Tony at work.


Ann a friend of Judith’s from Grassington who did a stirling job.

IMG_6926What I think is pretty amazing is that none of the new people came with a friend. They all turned up independently. You can tell by the pictures that we all thought it had been worth while and had enjoyed meeting each other as well as engaging with the public and even though it is not an easy issue to discuss we felt that we had done our bit in them to find out about an important subject, that many had never heard of.

IMG_6925 IMG_6930

Elaine from Settle, Geoff from Grassington, Dick from Embsay  Jo from Embsay, Judith like me from Hebden and Louise from Halton, all posing at the end of the session 🙂

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