Junior Doctor’s Protest Leeds Wednesday 28th October

This was the beginning of some networking – when I discovered that The Junior Doctor’s were holding a protest in Leeds I thought the public should support them, so I got in touch with Gilda of Leeds KONP and talked to her about it. She had contacts and the doctors really hadn’t thought of involving the public so Leeds KONP decided to do an hours candlelit vigil outside the Brotherton Wing of LGI. We set about inviting other groups and on the night managed to get about 60 people together after which we ‘trooped’  down to the protest.

011You can see Simon talking to Geoff from Keighley in the background. There should be a picture of Carole Mosco too. Members came over from Calderdale and as you can see there were some union people too. We were strung out and this was early on so we look a bit thin on the ground 🙂


As you can see the 38 Degrees ambulance came up from Derby too 🙂


Carole took this lovely picture of these Junior Doctors.

And also this photo of Geoff and I with the banner you made Mike and Linda 🙂


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