Junior Doctors – The current situation

On Saturday the junior doctors were marching again.

On Sunday Jeremy Hunt was interviewed by Andrew Marr. It was more like a party political piece. Here is Dr Rachel Clarke’s response

On Wednesday 10th – it is back to the picket line.

We will join them again at Airedale between 9am and noon.

This is from The Law Society Gazette…

John_van_der_Luit_SJ colour with background_crop

Who? Peter Stefanovic, 50, clinical negligence partner at national firm Simpson Millar.

Why is he in the news? He addressed 20,000 protesters at a public rally and posted two videos on social media site YouTube in support of junior doctors facing a planned 30% cut in their income along with increased working hours.

Stefanovic accuses health secretary Jeremy Hunt of attempting to ‘bully’ junior doctors and their representative body, the British Medical Association, into accepting an employment contract that not only offers poorer terms and conditions, but also puts patient welfare at risk.

Thoughts on the policy: ‘As a clinical negligence lawyer, I’m not an obvious candidate to be vociferous in support of the medical profession.

‘However, it is the duty and obligation of each and every lawyer to speak out when an injustice is being done. I’m astonished that no other lawyer has come forward [in this way] to support of the junior doctors and call upon the Law Society to do so publicly now.

‘Everything we do as individuals matters – witness the 12,000 views that my second video has recorded in just a few days. I’ve also been invited to join the negotiations with government. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all stood up and acted.’

Dealing with the media: ‘The press covered the rally, but this is a story that is mostly being driven by social media and word-of-mouth.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘I come from a working-class background and was led to believe as I grew up that this is a country where the principles of integrity and honesty are much admired. I wanted to help uphold those principles.’

Career high: ‘This past week or so. What is happening to junior doctors is one of the grossest injuries ever inflicted on a profession by a British government. I’m pleased that I’ve had an impact, however small.’

Career low: ‘Many years post-qualification I’m still excited about the law. I can’t think of a low point.’


Peter Stefanovic on the Junior Doctors Debate. Published on 27 Jan 2016



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