David Babbs in Skipton 2/4/16

2  8 - Version 2

When 38 Degree local group members from Skipton, Keighley and Ilkley found out that David Babbs, a founding member and Chief Executive of 38 Degrees  was speaking at Settle Stories, we decided to invite him to Skipton. What a good decision that turned out to be.

Local group members act quite independently of 38 Degrees Head Office team. This meeting provided an opportunity for us to get to know David and for him to get to know us. It began with a relaxed half hour of  people chatting together over refreshments, then followed a short introduction by us and then David, after which there was an hour and a half session of which much was an open discussion.

David fielded a wide range of questions with an energy and enthusiasm that demonstrated his commitment to 38 Degrees philosophy of inclusion and listening to its members. The discussion ranged from the internal workings of the organisation, through its non-political stance to how it worked with Westminster and the role of local groups. The responses and discussion were enlightening and sometimes surprising (apparently hardly any MPs like us – oh dear!)

David’s energy cannot help but affect his audience and although some had to leave early many of us wished we had had longer. David was impressed by the commitment and knowledge of our members and us by his vitality and belief in the movement.3


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