Airedale picket line 26th and 27th April

Having read the weather forecast we were dreading these two days, but after a slow start for us on Tuesday we numbered 15 and on Wednesday we made 20 and were also joined again by Janet Russell’s flash mob NHS singers, who had come to support the doctors and ourselves on the picket line and then were  going to support the doctors in various cafes in the afternoon.IMG_7228

This time there were song  sheets and some Junior doctors and 38 Degree members joined in.



Although no one wanted to be involved in an all out strike, there was total confidence in the senior doctors and a feeling of strengthening resolve from both the Junior Doctors and the public, who were certainly honking their horns and bringing goodies.


We are now working with, not just alongside, the Junior Doctors. We supplied them with cafes willing to allow their premises to be used to talk to willing customers .

Chris Marshall a registrar has already talked to some of us at Ilkley and is going to do so again  on Monday May 9th at 2.30pm Steeton Hall. All welcome.

Conversations with union officials also took place .



All in all we felt it had gone well and that the sun had shone on the righteous 🙂IMG_7211

I have been trying to work out how many local 38 Degree members have been out leafleting and on the picket line and at the Leeds Rally and I reckon it must be at least 40 possibly close to 50. Well done everyone. Where we go next is the question for us and the Junior Doctors. Hopefully we will be liasing and  arranging some public meetings where the Junior Doctors can meet more people. They are very willing to do this.


I had wanted to add links but there are so many it was very hard to choose.

However one of the heartening things is that the BMA does seem to have the bit between it’s teeth now.  Relevant information on privatisation and an excellent video.

if you go to their youtube page  they have been adding a lot of good videos re the Junior Doctors.

This fight must go on. An interesting development has taken place with well known campaigners including Peter Roderick and Alyson Pollock meeting with Heidi Alexander and John McDonnell and offering their services as a think tank. Well worth a read I thought, especially the PDF report of the meeting – link at the bottom of the page.




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