Northallerton May 20th

Although the NHS has dominated our agenda, fracking has always been one of our concerns and any who attended our meeting at Carleton could not helped be affected by Tina Rotherey’s passion, spirit and love.

So although no rallying call was made other than notifications on our facebook groups, a few of us did get over to Northallerton on Friday.

Judith and I set off just before 8am and arrived soon onsite around 9am. The first person we met was Andy Brown who took our photo .


We then realised we were stood by Ellie Greenwood of Hebden Bridge, whom we had met at a a FOE meeting in Skipton. On the other side of us was Pauline Allon of Skipton (who can be seen on earlier posts on the NHS picket line). Here are pictures of them with the amazing Tina Rotherey.



Jude and Earl arrived mid-morning and were there as we left around 2pm having joined the band at the gate 🙂


We went to Northallerton yesterday to add to the numbers protesting about fracking in Kirby Misperton. I came away thinking less about fracking and more about how unimportant we the people have become! Over 80% of the people in Ryedale are against fracking and yet this could be imposed upon them.

There is no support from anyone who lives within a mile of the existing well. They find it a blot on the landscape and the noise when it was being drilled was constant and could be heard by them all. The district Council voted against it.

People who live there have a good life. Employment is above average ann mainly dependant on agriculture and tourism, which is down to the beauty of the landscape and Flamingo Land. Both will be devastated if fracking is allowed. Add to that a massive drop in property prices, 72 lorries a day going through a village which in some places has no paths, constant noise from drilling (30 wells to 10 sq kilometres) and they can take up to 100 days to drill. Constant light and total disfigurment of the landscape, Then there is the proposed construction of 9m high barriers of freight containers to decrease the light and sound pollution! Throw in traffic movement over a grade 2 listed bridge – which has caused much smaller ventures to have planning permission with-held. Then add the potential risks to health and water aquifers and seismic activty!

Local landowner, Sir Richard Storey, true blue automatically started as pro until he started to investigate and spoke to friends in NZ. Yesterday he said “Over recent years I have challenged everyone to tell me where I can see for myself anywhere in the world an example of friendly fracking. I have not had one reply.”

Drill or Drop have the most comprehensive coverage of the event including ‘pick of the quotes’  and ‘live updates’ giving a summary of what each speaker said including full texts of some.

John Ashton’s is well worth reading.

Video  of the event by Dave Marris of Frack Free Crawberry Hill.

Worth the watch it includes an address to the crowd by Tina Rotherey.

Frack also has lots of good information on what is happening nationwide.






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