38degrees Skipton

Bio: Skipton 38 degrees is a new venture started by Judith Joy and Viv Dawson. We realised we were sharing and liking lots of facebook posts on current issues and we rekindled an past friendship and from there things just progressed! We are here because when our voices join together it gives us a power for change. Instead of being one small voice muttering at a computer, signing emails,and petitions, writing letters to our MPs we become a large voice. The message gets across when action is synchronised - as happened in the TTIP demonstrations across Europe. Campaigns for us and Local Groups are 38degrees latest venture. They are new and autonomous. We now have the ability to start our own petitions and have been encouraged to start our own groups for which they have created some communication tools. We are working alongside the recently formed Keighley group who set up a facebook page where we share articles of interest on current issues. (38 Degrees - Airedale) interest. The Skipton web page, where you can join the group is https://you.38degrees.org.uk/local_chapters/38-degrees-skipton The Keighley web page is https://you.38degrees.org.uk/local_chapters/38-degrees-keighley

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