We have no funding and have relied on donations to cover the costs of our meetings.

Carleton Sell Off  5th May

Donations £48.40 checked by Judith Joy (hall £28.30 kitchen £5.10 + £5 donation to Sell Off)

Cash out    £47    (Rent £24    Costs £3 refreshments Donation £20 to ‘Sell Off’- (receipt on blog)

Bal  £1.40p

Crosshills 11/4/15

Donations £118.65 checked by Michael Stephenson and John Launder

Cash out    £62.44      (Rent £40    Costs £20 Bishop, £8 refreshments)

Bal  £50.65  +  Bal  c/f  £6.21 Total bal £56.21 Cash discrepancy of 65p

Agreed at meeting on Weds –  Judith £10 for laminating rest to Viv towards printing

Balance £ nil

Skipton 29/1/15

Donations £50.10 checked by Linda Jane Fox

Cash out    £44       (Rent £33    Costs £11 notebooks, pens refreshments)

Bal  £6.10

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