Kirby Misperton, two miles away from AONB Dalby Forest, has probably been chosen for first frack in Yorks due to being on same latitude as….errr….Bowland Shale.

Folk living north of Skipton might need to watch out for property values and water, air and environmental quality some time soon on that latitude? Once approved horizontal fracking can extend all the way from Bowland shale to Kirby Misp. across Yorks areas we rely on for our fresh water supplies. once frackers successfully persuade Lancs and North Yorks councillors what nice little blokes all the frackers are.

Don’t forget of course that more than one well head is neeeded per square mile with around a million gallons of water reqired for each one, and this is the amount that will be eternally polluted leaving massive storage space for all time. Anyone seen the chemical mess at Syngenta chemical plant in Huddersfield–you can Google map the terrain to get some idea of how hideous it looks.

Rogue methane emmissions are known to escape and affect wildlife, domestic animals and smallholdings and cattle, but these all don’t vote, so don’t matter at all……

This is wonderful news for the NHS privatisation initiative due to so many health hazards demanding private health screening and look at the whacking profits to be made once fracking rolls out!
Marg G 26/6/15

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