More notes/info from Marg G

Then come back after you have read all that (avoiding spin put out by frackers protecting their bank accounts) and ask for more.………oh, and take a look at house prices in frackland Lancashire to see where yours will go once Kirby Misperton gets the go ahead to frack all the way to Bowland Shale, then take a look at how the UK is only as big as one state in the US, where hundreds of municipalities are banning shale to the extent that the Mayor of Texas ( Big oil is God) has now run scared and banned democracy and said the electorates view doesn’t matter any more because he wants frackers to continue to pollute everywhere and get gas out….Isn’t it amazing that Cheney said its not our fault God put gas in such hard to get to places…or some such irreverent big bucks justification……

The Dimmock court case is now downlisted on US search engines due to UK gov fracking shareholders getting scared about how much intelligence is operative when it comes to finding out about fracking dangers….amazing only in January this case was top result on all searches I did but due to Lancs council discussing it, and Cameron running scared, and introducing the snoopers charter and delivering control of our internet searches, it now gets end of search engine results only five months later…amazing!!

Osborne wants the north to have more say…err anybody looked at where his constituency is and where he actually has lived all his life, oh and anyone on here notice his father in law with massive interests in fracking said why not frack the desolate North East……when he meant the whole north of England…..WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP for goodness sake

Ohio campaign fracking impacts air quality
Ohio EPA has issued a general permit for air emissions. However, it only covers the production stage of the process. It does not include clearing the land, the drilling phase, or the completion phase, which is the fracking stage. The Ohio Environmental Council continues to urge the Ohio EPA to regulate all stages of the natural gas industry. Get a water lab test done immediately BEFORE fracking begins.

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