Q&A re chemicals – Skipton 38 Degrees 26/6/15

  • Nigel G.

    Would the Councillors advocate the use of Glutaraldehyde as a home disinfectant?

  • I don’t know if councillors would advocate that use and it isn’t in their remit to do so, as Paul Heysham independent councillor said, he is not a scientist so would prefer to wait for the Defra report first before being asked to make such momentous decisions about the first fracking application, now deferred to Monday.

    There are far more serious chemicals we need to be aware of, currently being denied, ignored and not referred to by the EA, but implicated in frack fluids found in the US. These are:
    heavy metals, methane/ethane,barium, strontium, benzene, gas sediment along with ioidide and ammonium which are poisonous to aquatic life, but of course the latter don’t even bother voting so what do they matter……

    Also we needn’t worry too much as industries are being allowed to self regulate, so of course with people such as Lard Browne, head of Cuadrilla being trustworthy and reliable, we need not fear—and don’t anyone raise the fact he was caught out lying under oath and charged with perjury in a recent court case….of course he is an honourable man……………which is why of course his mate Maude has insisted he be appointed as head of……errrrrrr…. Defra……………………in the interests of bringing the Civil Service up to date with business practices.

    Meanwhile back at Yorkshire Water authority we can be happy in the knowedge that they aren’t looking for methane emmissions or any of the chemicals I have listed, that is up to……..errrrr…..Defra (of course you all have googled Halliburton Loophole and understand the implications of why no water pollution was evidenced in the US)

    Also you will be happy to know that the government has actively encouraged Water Authorities to sell off their unused water abstraction licenses to anyone who needs loadsa water, all in the interest of making water authorities more competitive. This makes it easier for frackers to use fresh water needed to add to carcinogens they use to frack open land beneath fresh water supplies.

    Theoretically the US ,where water reserves are now highly polluted due to fracking errors, can now buy up all unused UK water abstraction licences and syphon off water to ship to the US and sell on to thirsty homesteaders.

    Interesting to compare reservoir progress over a timeline in the AA maps and see how many ”unused reservoirs now appear on them?”

    A good idea is to ask Yorks Water who will pay for water contamination if fracking sludge filled water tanks overflow and pollute residential water supplies?

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