Minutes and links for past meetings and events

Past Meetings and Events

22/11/15 Sunday 22nd 38 Degrees Skipton @ Hetties

18/11/15 Choux Choux Cafe post Saltaire meeting

13/11/15 KONP Leeds Regional meeting, sharing information about the challenges and the fight back and starting to think about more  co-ordinated and joint action.attended by Simon and Viv

7/11/15 Return the NHS to its founding principles

2/08/15   Agenda   Minutes Part 1 

20/06/15  Second open meeting @ St Andrew’s Church Hall

23/05/15  Minutes

17/05/15  Minutes

22/04/15  Minutes

08/04/15  Minutes 

29/03/15 Agenda       Minutes

15/03/15  Minutes 

14/3/15  Keighley 38 Degrees TTIP event”

1/2/15    Minutes for “What next?”meeting         Blog for “What next?”

28/2/15 NHS Day of Action

15/2/15 Preparation for the NHS Day of Action

31/1/15  First open meeting @ St Andrews Church hall

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