15/07/1 Minutes Part 1 & 2

I know this is not a normal way of approaching minutes – but often they don’t get done because I get bogged down in the details and the energy of the meeting. Now that we are getting to know each other so much better, we are sharing thoughts and ideas and these meetings are energising. We are recognising that this exchange is important and that sharing ideas and beliefs amongst ourselves and further afield is the core of our activities. Bare bones do not get to those who didn’t attend so I am adding more detail and sometimes even more information!

2nd August Meeting at Hetties – Viv, Lisa, Mike and Linda, Frank, Bill, Simon Watt

1. Lisa – fracking feedback/discussion – a recognition of what has happened over the past month…

Lisa’s first meeting was at St Andrew’s at the end of June. Since then she has attended the fracking demo in Preston, which led to her submitting an article to the Craven Herald with no luck or so we thought. She then invited Bob and Tina from Frack Free Lancs over to the film night and that was a huge success and the message truly got through to everyone who attended, then she set up the Frack Free Craven Facebook group. Got in touch with other groups including Frack free Ryedale and Friends of the Earth and arranged for leaflets and placards for the street demo on Saturday.

(To support this I updated the Fracking section on the WordPress site with videos articles etc and made 38 degrees leaflets with fracking info to hand out as well.) Meanwhile the Craven Herald had been in touch and with more input from Lisa produced a full page spread in last weeks edition!

Great achievements in just one month.

Lessons from Saturday – we need a table and once the shop we have used is functioning again (no tenant as yet) we will need to find a suitable place and try and get permission for putting up a table. We need to spend more time thinking about what we want in our photos and also getting permission to use them if they involve the public – Lisa did ask her lady 🙂

The letters we were asking people to sign were a bit long – a petition is a more direct approach and makes people feel useful, but possibly more easily discounted.

Identity – Approach 38 Degrees for t shirts (not for individuals but to keep as a ‘kit’

Spreading message – the letters were aimed at the 7 (NY & Craven District) councillors who will be involved in the N.Y’s decision on the Ryedale fracking application.

I have put a copy on the blog relating to Sat’s action (WordPress). Group members signed 7 copies each to be sent in by Lisa. 

2. Carleton as a venue – next events / regularity-pattern Money? Austerity? Video/discussion any? Open meet with displays etc – we are basically in favour of giving this a go but next event discussion led into NHS and we got no further on this point

3. Money policy/practice/treasurer  – I stated that whilst no-one was willing to look after the money then all that Judith and I were prepared to do was keep it very simple and aim to cover costs by donations – we have a very simple account of the money/recieipts and get totals checked by others and nothing more.

– well someone, to volunteer to be a treasurer PLEASE


To send letters to the six councillors – be they the one Ryedale provided us with or one of your own. 

(You can find the Ryedale letter at the end of this blog )

Letters to the paper would be good too and please share with your friends – maybe you could print some out and ask friends or a group to sign them. If anyone wishes to borrow Voices from the Gasfields to show to friends then please ask – I have the copy. We found awareness very low. 

The videos on wordpress especially the first ones which are worth a look and not all long. Bob and Tina are responsible for the content of one.

Also http://frackfreeryedale.org/km8ea/ Urgent need for responses

Part 2

NHS planning group

The NHS was flagged as a major concern at ours and Keighley’s meetings in July and it is also the current top concern for 38degree members Nationwide. 

Steve Davies at our July meeting, said that he would be happy to take a leading role in an NHS planning group and on August 1st Simon Watt offered to lead a ‘full day’ session. Only last Friday did I realise that these two hadn’t met, so I decided that it would be a good idea to get them together. I also knew that Lynn Carter of Keighley 38degrees was passionate about the issue so having sorted a day, I contacted her to see if she would join us – the result is that we are going to get together at the 

Choux Choux Cafe (Keighley Station) this Monday 17th August at 5pm 

I personally would like both groups to work together on this issue. Simon and I and Judith belong to both groups as it is. Lynn and I can report back to the Keighley group and see what they think.

This is open to anyone who would like to join us to form a core NHS planning group. It is in Keighley because Lynn works and uses public transport. If anyone would like to join us, who needs a lift from Skipton I can offer that.

Please let me know if you wish to join us either on Monday or in the future. Thanks Viv

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