02/08/01 Agenda

Agenda – rough outline

1. Lisa – fracking feedback

lessons from yesterday (table, photographs, petition)

getting more letters out

spreading message

2. Carleton as a venue – next events/ regularity-pattern Money? Austerity? Video/discussion any? Open meet with displays etc

3. Money policy/practice/treasurer

4. NHS – urgent – sub group – work with others – Keighley? greens???)

From minutes of Kly last meeting
NHS: There was a long discussion on the latest government proposals re the NHS particularly the recently launched enquiry into the sustainability of the NHS (which includes investigating options to introduce health insurance/co-payment/complete payment for treatment contrary to their election promise to keep it ‘Free at the point of delivery’). In addition there has been a post election increase in the number of contracts going to private companies. Members of the group were keen to be better informed about what is happening and what aspects of this we should be fighting eg Lynne had recently attended a meeting at Leeds Beckett University about Devo Manc (ie devolving powers and budgets, including healthcare, to local Mayor run areas – such as Greater Manchester which sounds good in theory but not if down the line the extra funds given to encourage devolution are later reduced and the government can pass on the blame for healthcare failings). Caroline will contact Dr David Wrigley (author of ‘NHS For Sale’) to see when he would be available to come and speak to us about what is happening and what action we can take but there was still indecision as whether this should be a 38 degrees only event or 38 degrees plus other interested parties, eg health worker unions, or be totally open to the general public (the fear with the final option was that the meeting would get sidetracked by specific Airedale issues rather than the more generally worrying prospect of privatisation).

Dr wrigley? Other speaker? 

Airedale – Vanguard / stroke / info from my ppg

Thursday 3 September from 12 noon to 4.00pm

Airedale Wharfedale and Craven CCG will be holding its next meeting to which members of the public are welcome to attend. This will be on the above date in Ilkley, details re the actual venue, agenda and associated papers will be posted on the CCG website www.airedalewharfedalecravenccg.nhs.uk prior to the meeting.

This is your opportunity to hear about the progress the CCG has made against its Operational plan and what it will be taking forward in the coming months and ask questions of the members.

5. Coming up info Viv

8/8  M/c 38 Degrees using Media (Lisa and Viv)

!5/8 M/c Large meeting Communication M/c 38 degrees + others

22/8 TTIP Demo Skipton – nationwide – ideas

Tues 1/9 Local organisers meet Derby inc Bryony from HQ

Thurs 3/9 CCG AGM


Next meeting.

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