Minutes 2015/03/01

 Viv Dawson, Judith Joy, Robert and Sara Allen, Carole Noon, Melanie Fryer, Stephanie Piergies, Kath Davies, Marion Rook, Carmel Piper, W Longbottom, Simon Watt, Mike and Linda Knox.

Following agenda

Introductions round group 

Report on Sat 28th February Save Our NHS  Day of Action – Excellent, very positive would like to follow it up, lots of materials left.

What Next?  eg follow up the action day with a public meeting on the NHS – possible speaker Dr David Wrigley of KONP (Keep Our NHS Public)

  • Definite need for ourselves and the public to be more aware and have a deeper insight
  • Yes would like big event – need to find suitable venue, maybe share with Keighley – speaker/venue to be investigated
  • Would like to share knowledge via smaller event with film such as ‘Sell Off’ followed by discussion – venue ideas proffered to be investigated
  • Would like to do scaled down versions of Sat and leafleting – leaflet @ village hall events, coffee mornings etc – areas mentioned Sutton in Craven, Hebden, Barnoldswick, Gargrave individually or in small groups, local member can organise posting on Skipton 38 degrees site or contacting local members for help.
  • Sharing knowledge between ourselves and getting to know each other. Linda and Mike have DVD’s ‘ The Spirit of 45’ (Ken Loach film) about formation of public services and ‘Gasland’ about fracking in America, which they are willing to lend to members. Kath offered a showing in her home – social and enables discussion.

Finance – not addressed


  • lots of discussion about NHS – where to get information – talked about the expansion of this site as a place to record what is happening and a place to gain information (Viv D)
  • rural surgeries being at risk
  • King’s Fund was mentioned as a source. It was pointed out that it is not independent.
  • CCG quarterly public meeting Thursday March 5th 6.30 Alice Hall, Keighley
  • Keighley TTIP Meeting 2-4pm Sat 14th Feb @ Silsden Methodist Church Hall with Constituency Candidates


Next meeting same time and place Sun March 15th

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