Minutes 2015/03/15

Present – Viv Dawson, Judith Joy,  Melanie Fryer, Ali Mantle, Kath Davies, Marion Rook, Bill Longbottom, Simon Watt, Mike and Linda Knox, Michael Stephenson, Sara and Robert Allen, Anna Craven – apologies Bunty Leeder and Olivia Agate

Follow up from What Next?

Report back on  ‘big event’ – Dr David Wrigley and research into halls/dates from Viv and Judith                 

Date fixed – Saturday 11th April – venue St Andrew’s (This has since changed as the church decided we were a political group after looking at the 38 Degrees website – the event has been moved to St Peter’s Methodist Church Crosshills – modern building, seats 200, has disabled access and sound system and kitchen and costs just £40 and was by far the best alternative we could find.-They are very happy with what we are doing and us being 38 Degrees)

format of event  1.30  refreshments available 2- 3.30 talk then prepared question and answers followed by open question and answer sessions

covering costs – Free – donations bucket

refreshments – nominal donation

display – not discussed but Viv has materials also – Kath will look into setting up a ‘shop’ with KONHSP (Keep our NHS public) materials – badges etc

Discuss further – sharing knowledge via smaller event with film such as ‘Sell Off’ followed by discussion – venue ideas proffered to be investigated

  • our research into these venues – Carleton stood out to Judith and I as the best venue for a film as it ticks all the boxes and has the IT set up
  • acquiring film and means of showing filmKath has ordered it – equipment at Carleton
  • timescale – Date to be set so we can advertise it on the 11th

Discuss further – scaled down versions of Day of Action and leafleting – pamphlets etc will be available             (leaflet @ village hall events, coffee mornings etc – areas mentioned Sutton in Craven, Hebden, Barnoldswick, Gargrave individually or in small groups, local member can organise posting on Skipton 38 degrees site or contacting local members for help.)                                                                                                                                                                                  Melanie Fryer took an NHS pack to take to a coffee morning in Gargrave on 21st March where she will be setting up a display and collecting signatures. She is also hoping to set up an event in Barnoldswick (with the co-operation of the Co-op:) and in Settle on the Next 38 Degrees Day of Action 25/04/15  (Viv will set up the event with 38 Degrees)

Set a date Sharing DVDSara and Robert went to Kath’s to watch the fracking video and Viv now has the Spirit of 45 video and we hope to set something up in Hebden. (Think someone else borrowed the Fracking video.)

Finance – still needs discussing!



Advertising – Long discussion about groups whom we should inform and the setting up of an email list for groups and who various people offered to be responsible for the collecting of this information. An Events planning page is to be set up and will link from here when done.

We also discussed the use of this 38 degrees wordpress site and encouraged people to explore and learn it’s potential and we discussed the newly announced merging of the Grassington Medical Centre with Ilkley Moor.

Next meeting Black Horse 29th March @ 10.30 When setting this meeting we recognised the need to give consideration for some meetings on alternative days and time to involve others who cannot do Sunday mornings



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