Minutes 2015/03/29

Present Melanie Fryer, Marion Rook, Steven W, Ali, Kath, Viv, Judith J, Michael W, John Launder.

Apologies Sara & Robert, Mike & Linda, Anna C, Bill, Carmel.

1.Save our NHS 

a) format of event –  see suggested-format (Save our NHS planning)

Basically agreed on – final detail to be worked out next meeting

Much discussion about ‘chair’ finally decided to ask the Bishop.                                                          

(2) Lots of discussion about being non – political and issue led and the need for clear statement

(5b) Lots of discussion about pre organised questions. Judith has a list she prepared. Mike, Steven John, Melanie and Marion took some ideas away to work on. 

This rather took over and had to end and leave it for our next meeting.

b) basic organisation

  • covering costs – Free – donations bucket along with nominal donation for refreshments

2 buckets and donations for refreshments

  • refreshments – tea, coffee, cold drink, biscuits – provision?, supervision?
  • organisation – setting out, cleaning up, door, petitions,

online list for jobs or if people don’t claim them just assign https://38degreesskipton.wordpress.com/save-our-nhs-planning/jobs-on-the-day/

  • shop? –

decided against as no sale or return to check on whether Dr W will bring books

  • display
  • money

no time to discuss

c) Advertising

  • Check groups we have informed

info to be fed onto wordpress page https://38degreesskipton.wordpress.com/save-our-nhs-planning/groups-to-contact/

  • where we are with the setting up of an email list for groups

no time for discussion or action             

  • Share ideas of things we might do to get the word out
  • Say what each of us can do to advertise the event

Again rushed and agreed to feed in info about what we had covered 


2. Following on from here – Events

a) “Sell Off’ followed by discussion

  • venue/date Carleton provisionally booked for Friday 2nd May 7.30
  • to advertise it on the 11th – need flyers for the day, posters, online 38 D post.

It was no more than mentioned but going ahead. Room to be confirmed.

b) Days of Action and leafleting – (individually or in small groups, local member can organise posting on Skipton 38 degrees site or contacting local members for help.)  

  • next Barnoldswick can share stall with peace group on the 18th April

Viv to set up online – now done

  • Settle on the Next 38 Degrees Day of Action 25/04/15  (Viv will set up the event with 38 Degrees after this event)
  •  Viv still has the Spirit of 45 video and we hope to set something up in Hebden. Michael the Fracking video

no action

c) Other thoughts for the future – too much on to really think about now, but basically just collate a list for the melting pot – I will make an ideas page where I can put suggestions given to me and maybe a library page of books DVD’s to share?

no action

Finance – priority at next meeting after the event

no action


Next meeting – Wednesday 8th April 2pm Black Horse  to look  at final details for the day

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