Minutes 2015/04/08

Minutes for Wed 8th April 2pm Black Horse

Present – Judith J, Mike S, Anna Craven, John Launder, Antonia Young, Bill, Simon Watt, Viv

A good turnout considering it was a time that many people couldn’t make (thanks for apologies) and also a sufficient group to discuss the matters in hand.

We discussed the jobs. We allocated the major jobs and amended the list.

We went over the format of the meeting. now published and distributed

We discussed questions and decided on which ones were being asked.

Set questions are included in the ‘format ‘ notes but we have a whole list of others that might/ could be asked in the open question section. Don’t really forsee a shortage of questions.

AOB Other decisions Simon Watt offered to do a transcript and send copy to the papers, (I think we were already for escape by this point! plus Bill’s photo.

Next meeting Black Horse Wednesday 22nd 6.30 hopefully to 7.30 if we can make a prompt start this time I was late (mea culpa) I hadn’t taken into consideration how busy Skipton might be!

We will  mainly be evaluating the day and the things we have learnt from this event and our first 3 months and looking at finance and organisation.

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