Minutes 2015/04/22

Just five of us Viv, Judith J, Michael Stephenson, Marion Rook, John Launder

We had more of a chat than a meeting assessing what we had learnt – we were all very pleased with how the meeting had gone and the response that we got.

1. Advertising

  • for the cost and effort – posters and leaflets were expensive and time consuming with minimal results, but we still feel we need posters just strategically placed (libraries, meeting places etc) and members taking responsibility for a few in their areas. Leaflets – no random posting but useful when people choose to take them.
  • Craven Herald – very disappointing. Must get articles in 2 weeks in advance to promote meetings
  • social media was the most effective, 38 Degrees emailing everyone in the vicinity including Colne etc, emailing the unions etc and inviting/ talking about it with friends & sharing on FB

2. Keeping the audience

  • Get speakers to avoid acronyms
  • mid way breaks – some people leave
  • testimony good – Dr W liked it too

3. Action Days

  • Melanie and I had a good couple of hours in Barnoldswick
  • Settle Sat – Judith and Mel definitely going

4. Next meeting

  • need to discuss organisation – money/treasurer, secretary, chair ???
  • need to discuss direction/topics
  • best times seem to be Sun am for normal meetings, Sat afternoons for larger meets
  • We need a big meeting similar to our January one.
  • date to be agreed

5. John has email list from Dr Wrigley meet to give to Viv.

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