Minutes 2015/05/07

Sun 7th June 10.30 am @ Hetties

Present Viv, Judith, Michael S, Mike and Linda Knox, Steve Davies, John Launder, Stephen Walpole


Planning for General Meeting at Christ Church Hall Skipton Sat afternoon  20th June – this has still to be properly confirmed  by Christ Church and the time to be decided,

  1. Format – we agreed onDoors open at 1.30pm, (Hall 1pm) when refreshments will be available and there will be displays


    on the NHSViv about us, organisational info, websites
    Steve Davies in London to Stephen Walpole a ‘live link up! march through London
    Discussion groups,
    Feedback from the groups.
    Open debate on our organisation and plans.
    Finish 4pm latest

    Our issues for group discussion
    reflect the three main concerns from the January meeting. NHS, TTIP (Mike S), the environment and FRACKING, (Mike K ).
    and AUSTERITY.  Extra group on ‘others’ if wished and numbers.
    (Note We designated 2 group leaders, but not important as long as we have a regular ‘planner’ in each group that is fine.)
  2. Points for discussion – not sorted at meeting discussed by Viv and Judith on Monday
  3. OrganisationRefreshments – speak to Jude (Viv)
    Projector/PC – Simon Walpole, screen John (collected)
    Advert Craven Herald – Viv
  4. AOB
    Set date for Gaslands
    Rest to be added soon
  5. Date of next meeting

Jude away

Date for Gaslands  – Carelton Tues 7th July


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