Minutes 2015/05/17

Since this meeting, we have been offered the 20th June as an alternative date for a General Meeting and I have accepted, as Judith can’t come on the 6th and the feedback I have received from the people who attended on Sunday is mainly in favour of this decision. However I am awaiting confirmation from Christ Church.

Minutes of meeting at Hettie’s, Sunday 17th May, 2015, 10.30 am.

(Was moved to Hettie’s as Black Horse was locked – the message must not have been passed on.)


John Launder

Steve Davies

Mike Stephenson

Bill Longbottom

Anna Craven

Viv Dawson

Linda Knox

Mike Knox

We received apologies from Marion Rook; Muriel W; Lynne P; Pete V; Stephen W; Pauline J; Denise F; Stephanie P;

Future organisation of the group 38 Degrees Skipton.

Mike S suggested that we combine meetings with Keighley 38 degrees group

After discussion it was felt that it may be better to operate separately due to geography and to remain independent but cooperate with Keighley where possible.


Viv reminded the meeting about the first local meeting held at Christ Church Hall at the end of January 2015 when 30 people attended.  There are now over 100 people signed up to the local group but the meetings tend to have a maximum of 15 individuals who are active core members.  It was questioned whether we need a more formal committee with a chair,  secretary and treasurer to spread the load.

Viv pointed out that organising an event takes several people who are willing to help with this in a practical way and a larger core could be helpful.  

JL suggested that a committee might be useful  as a ‘business meeting’.  

The consensus was that for now, this was not necessary and a ‘bottom up’ informal approach was preferable.  However Linda offered to do the minutes for the day and Steve act as chair.

Suggested Meeting Christchurch Skipton Sat afternoon 6th June.

There is an event already proposed for the 6thJune 2015 at Christchurch which could 

be used as a forum for prioritising campaigns and establishing people willing to help 

organise this.  Some members of the meeting felt that this meeting was too soon 

and in order to plan it would be better set for a later date. Also Judith could no 

longer manage this date. Viv said she had made enquiries to see whether

Christchurch was available at a later date. After debate and a vote there was not a

clear opinion but there was a stronger move to keep the date than change it.

Viv suggested that the format used at the beginning of January was successful and she would get the plan for the first meeting and we could base this second one on that. Using the same format to find areas that are most important to the members.  She thought education and debate very important. 

A straw poll was made by those present at this meeting of the leading issues and these included: TTIP, NHS, Trident, HRA, EU membership, Fracking, Benefits/Austerity, press/media, 38 degrees priorities.


It was then agreed by all present that the 6th June would be used as a meeting to discuss priorities within 38 degrees and formulate ideas for forthcoming meetings and events.  This could be based on the format used in the first meeting in January, 2015 at Christ Church Skipton and when this is confirmed Viv will send an email to all members informing them.

Saturday, 23rd May 2015 at 10.30 am at the Black Horse, Skipton.


John suggested that public debates could be held where pros and cons of certain topics eg EU referendum could be discussed and Bill  agreed that it would be helpful to look at opposing views.  

The possibility of inviting MEPs to participate in the discussion was suggested. 

Mike S suggested that an email be sent to everyone on the list (over 100 people) to keep them informed of where we had got so far and to keep them informed of events.  Viv pointed out that she only has email addresses for approximately 32 members not for all who are signed up as members.  

Mike S agreed to do the first draft.

Use of social media. After some discussion of our use of the internet Viv suggested that it would be useful to have a meeting to discuss the use of  IT within the group.


Saturday, 23rd May, 2015.  10.30 a.m. at the Black Horse, Skipton.

Minutes taken by Linda Knox and edited by Viv Dawson and approved by Linda and Mike Knox; Mike S and Steve Davies

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