Minutes 2015/05/23

Present – Just four of us Viv, Steve Davies, Linda and Mike Knox.

Apologies – Judith, Anna and Mike S.

It was held at Hettie’s as we found out Black Horse doesn’t open until 11am. Note was left. There was debate whether to call it off but I asked them to stay and it was very useful as we didn’t really stick to the agenda but we had a good exchange of ideas and questions and in the end did address the agenda. I have arranged the minutes in agenda order not in the order we discussed things.


Planning for General Meeting at Christchurch Hall Skipton Sat afternoon currently 6th June but have been told 20th is available and have asked to change to 20th June – this has yet to be confirmed  and time to be decided

FORMAT – Look at format for first Skipton meeting and possibly  adapt

Intro – about us, organisational info – websites. Viv

Short talks on variety of issues Mike K came up with this idea possibly 6 subjects – suggestions were

  • Mike K – Fracking – he is willing to do this
  • TTIP – ? Robin – Keighley – Viv
  • NHS (? Judith or Linda – Keighley) – Viv
  • Austerity – Andy? but he is prossibly going to London go
  • Human Rights
  • Bullying/misinformation – local issue transport  and how he started local buses but a service was then put in which was removed after he stopped his – Andy Rankin? – Steve. (Steve will be on the Austerity March so this could be for another time)

Anyone who wants to contribute to this in anyway please get in touch

Points for discussion –  break into groups relevant to a topic – discussion points not looked at – after this feedback

Displays   following feedback from Steve who attended the Silsden meeting and Dr Wrigley and the film without having being involved in planning them – he said he found the displays very helpful and an important part. So need to consider this and whether to have refreshments first or after.

Advertising – The concerted effort and cost we put into advertising did not pay back according to the survey on the door at Dr Wrigley and most people learned from friends or 38 Degrees. We felt that making some posters was perhaps necessary for strategic places. I explained how the 38 degrees advertising works. We can only use it for events and demos not our regular meets. They send out an email to everyone in the constituency who has ever signed a 38 Degrees petition. They will also send out to named postcodes and for Dr W we included as far west as Bradford and South as Colne and Blackburn. I also felt leaflets were good especially for people to take home after the meeting and maybe at strategic points to advertise it. Steve backed this. (I made them for both Silsden and Dr W where they were left on chairs)

This was as far as we got. Date was discussed and again wondered about changing it as it clashes with Austerity March which we thought might be in Leeds too, but it is not so I have unilaterally decided to stick with it although still awaiting final confirmation from Christchurch – the secretary appears to be away.


We discussed working with Keighley 38 Degrees and the need to work with them especially on the NHS. We talked about the constituency problem but also the need for the two individual groups and the commitment to co-operation between them.


  1. Viv – Licenses needed for films. Mike to enquire if we need one for Gaslands. We also need to enquire if Carleton has a license for showing films that will cover us – or is it the Film Club that shows there who has a license? – not assigned to anyone *
  2. I plan to buy a projector so that we can use a laptop at meetings sometimes – thought I would charge £5 each time it is used until it is paid for.
  3. I will look for a screen that I might have and Steve said he would look on ebay.
  4. Meetings We decided Sat not a good day for planning meetings and that we should stick to Sunday 10.30 am possibly fortnightly for these – sorry about those who can’t come but there doesn’t seem to be another answer.
  5. We also decided that we need people who hope to or regularly attend meetings to let us know whether they are coming or not. If numbers are 8 or less we prefer Hettie’s as a venue.
  6. Fracking is affecting this area soon. Needs addressing. Mike Knox to talk and lead group at meeting. Gaslands to arrange date at Carleton after checking about license. (Mike Stephenson currently has this DVD.) MIke Knox to look for contacts speakers.
  7. I did mention that Manchester  38D has certain members who lead certain topics.
  8. We discussed misinformation by politicians papers etc including underfunding as a way of causing failure.
  9. IT – it’s importance to 38 Degrees. Our sites. Brainstorming sites people should be aware off  such as You Gov- need for sharing info and people who know what is out there to help others.

Date of next meeting

10.30 Sunday 7th June @ Black Horse to finalise planning of the Group Meeting on Sat afternoon 20th June

One thought on “Minutes 2015/05/23

  1. Looking good and some important ideas. Anyone know which areas they have drilling consents for? How do we tackle human rights? Shami Chakrabarti , Director of Liberty, would be a great speaker if we could hook her. She’s going to be VERY busy though.


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