Simon attended the Defend Our NHS Regional Meeting 18.6.5

18.6.5 Simon attended the Defend Our NHS Regional Meeting 18.6.5

Gilda Peterson sent him this info

If you haven’t seen this article from the Independent, it earmarks Simon Steven’s “Vanguard areas” for his grand plans.

NB Vanguard bids Care Homes – winners – Airedale NHS FT; NHS Wakefield CCG; NHS Gateshead CCG; Nottingham City CCG; East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group; Sutton CCG

and the minutes have a lot of information on issues, which are relevant to the wider area.

21/4/15 from Simon – extract and link

The election has turned into a bidding war. We could forget about polling stations and do it all on E-Bay;

 “I’ll bid 20,000 nurses…”

“Oh, then I’ll bid 20,500 nurses and a hundred doctors”.

Right; I’ll up-you with 20,500 nurses and hundred doctors and 7-day opening…”

In the meantime hospitals struggle on (Excellent HSJ Exclusive) with standards they have no hope of meeting.

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