Jobs on the day

Doors will be open from 12.30 but really only a few people will need to be there that early

Main jobs are now covered.

Refreshments  Melanie F, Sara and Robert, Jude

Jude providing drinks biscuits etc

Before 2pm Set up in Kitchen. Offer drinks to Dr W and Bish and maybe helpers 🙂 Set up water for Dr and Bish.

Serve 4pm to 4.30pm then clear up. Provide bowl and note for contributions (thanks if this sounds patronising I’m sorry but don’t want to have to remember things.


Door 1.30 – 2pm  2 people – clipboard – how did you learn about the meeting sheet, sign up sheet if wish to go on contact list

Petition sheets   Kath & Ali

Donations buckets   as door John Launder + 1

Help with display materials – Kath Ali and Viv

Help with chairs – there will be 100 out but if we need more then they will need putting out – sure that this will work with anyone who’s there but if we nominate a couple of people then they are in charge.

Photographs,      Bill

microphone Judith / assistant Viv

Reserve seats

Leaflets on seats – anyone

Reserve places for cars for the Bishop and Dr Wrigley – Mike doing boxes

Dr W & Bishop Viv and Judith

2 thoughts on “Jobs on the day

  1. Just to say that I can turn up at 1.30pm and will do whatever is needed.
    Sorry can’t make this Wed at Black Bull, though usually can do most evenings during week (Weds included except in school holidays!!)

    Please put me in charge of whatever or just tell me what is needed on Saturday.

    Jude from Carleton

    PS Most posters up now and leaflets spread around. Happy to do this anytime. Especially for the Carleton event.the shop really helpful and no posters went down this time.


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