Poster display and leafleting

John Launder

Relish & Oxfam shops

Judith Hareaves

I have put posters round notice boards in Carleton.

Can do Skipton and Keighley libraries,  Lothersdale and Cononley notice boards,  Crosshills notice board outside Co-Op,  Glusburn and Silsden (has posters)

Have put posters in railways station, around Carleton , Morrisons so far.  Will do Skipton and keighley libraries in the next few days , Cononley and Lothersdale.


Kath & Ali

  • Railway Station Notice Board
  • Swadford Centre
  • Health Food Shop
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Morrisons Notice Board
  • Community Hub Shop on Belmont Bridge
  • Already some in Oxfam Book Shop

Michael  S  – Judith J will also do some – Up the Dale

Judith J – Skipton General and updated others to Posters with the Bish

Melanie Fryer Barnoldsick, Elsack, Gargrave, Broughton

Marion Rook Settle, Giggleswick area

My friend Nicky Project 6 Keighley

Viv Burnsall, 4 posters, Appletreewick 1, Hebden 2,

Anna Kettlewell Area

+ some in Keighley Area by Keighley group

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