Prepared questions to be included in the meeting are now included in the ‘format’ section.

Below are other suggested questions, which anyone could ask or adapt. Don’t think we are in any great need for more questions bu does no harm to have thought about it.

Suggested Questions for NHS Meeting 11 Sept. 2015

What is Prop Co?  Who owns the property it sells?

What do imposed “ personal health care budgets” mean for the severely ill patients given them.

Two GP practices in our Clinical Commissioning Group are merging, whilst the remaining 15 have formed a Federation.  What are the differences in these choices?

Why are we short of nurses and doctors?

What does  “devo-max” mean for Manchester and the NHS as a whole?

Why does the media ignore the question of privatisation when talking about the NHS?

Can we still trust the highly regarded King’s Fund’s independence?

What can we as individuals do? – I’ll ask this at the end – Viv


Other questions put forward by members that may be asked if not covered in talk

Steven: What can CCG do when faced with eg closure of Cancer Treatment, A&E  at local hospital.

Considering 88% (? Source) of GPs are/were against CCG’s how effective can they be?

Mike: Who can decide on differences between competitors when they are acting in totally risk free venture?

Melanie:  To research a question on the dire state of mental health care especially for children and young adults.

Ali: What does the NHS logo mean now it has been privatised?


Another source for the formation of questions would be the open letter to the Government from 100 senior doctors including Dr Wrigley, which is now published on the home page.

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