Format of Saturday’s “Save our NHS” meeting

NB Need to ask if anyone objects to their photo


Hello and welcome everyone.  38 Degrees Skipton started just over 2 months ago and this is our first event, so we are very glad to see you all here.
Protecting the NHS  has  been the top issue in the 38 Degrees poll for some time – 
over 80% of members are now very concerned. We know from talking to people on the streets that they too share this concern.      

The policy of privatising the NHS has been aided and abetted in part by all major parties. We are not looking to lay blame, but want to better our understanding of these issues so that we can help spread our concern and put pressure on all politicians to listen to the voice of the people and keep our NHS public.

I am delighted that Bishop Colin Buchanan, the honourable Assistant Bishop of the Bradford area is here to chair this meeting. Thank you Bishop Colin.


Bishop Colin, – (please feel free to put all info into your own words )

(Own introductory spiel)

We have members of our groups who can recall healthcare in UK before the NHS Introduces  Geoff Lee  & Judith Joy – personal recollections from before 1948.    2 mins. each.


Geoff          awaiting text

Judith         awaiting text


Bishop Colin,

We are been given the vision that the NHS is broken and that selling off services to private companies will improve our health care. Taking us down the path of – private insurance -an American style service, which the following speakers have experienced. May I introduce  Bunty Leder (pronounced leader) and Antonia Young


Bunty               awaiting text

Antonia            awaiting text


Bishop Colin

thanks speakers, introduces  Dr. D.Wrigley , 

Background info – for Bishop Colin

‘I am an NHS General Practitioner and work in Lancashire, UK. I speak and campaign for the non partisan organisation Keep Our NHS Public. I have recently co-written ‘NHS for Sale’ about the deception and lies written about the NHS. I also contributed to the book ‘NHS SOS’ which outlines how the NHS has been betrayed by politicians, the media and NHS leaders. I am a member of the British Medical Association UK Council and General Practitioners Committee. ‘



Dr.David Wrigley – about 30mins talk


Bishop Colin –Thanks Dr W and now some prepared questions from 38 D members 

NB Each question after being asked and answered can be allowed to be pursued further before the next question

  1. John Launder   What exactly do we mean by privatisation of the NHS (this might be fleshed out a bit)
  2. Simon Watt   The present top-down ‘modernisation’ reforms to the NHS are driven by privatisation policies that unbundle and dis-integrate health care services so they can be privatised.  What would bottom-up, practitioner-led reforms look like, and what successful examples are there from elsewhere?
  3. Michael Stephenson “Throughout the UK, 1000’s of people are raising funds for the NHS and health causes generally; bereavement and remembrance money raising events are everywhere; volunteers in their 1000’s help staff Hospital Shops, transport is provided for friends and neighbours; and huge amounts of cash is raised for hospitals, cancer funds and research for other diseases. All this is done because the NHS is ours for the benefit of all. We are all in it together”,

    My question is: “..will this massive voluntary effort continue now that private profit, gained from public funds, is being introduced? How can the two sit side by side”?

  4. Ali Mantle – The information I have heard about TTIP–The transatlantic trade investment partnership– appears to me both un- democratic & alarming. Would you please explain to us the potential consequences for the NHS?


Bishop Colin

The only pre submitted question from any of the organisations contacted is from Andy Brown, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party


Andy Brown

 “Which do you think would be the most damaging for the NHS a freeze on funding rises or another top down re-organisation?”


Bishop Colin

Before we start the questions from the audience, I have been asked to make it clear that as 38 Degrees has a non party political ethos and an issue driven nature, overtly party political questions will not be allowed.


Questions session

Bishop Colin    I believe Viv has a final question.

Viv          What can we as individuals do?

 Stop after a suitable time 3.55pm at latest.


Bishop –  rounds off meeting with well earned praise for Dr Wrigley, his expertise in enlightening us etc., 38 Degrees – Skipton for organising event and audience for attending.


Michael Stephenson  thanks the Bishop

plus a few messages,

38 Degrees petition to sign,

Dr Wrigley’s book for sale ,

our need to cover costs via bucket donations,

AND our next event a film  about the NHS , ‘The Sell Off’ @ Carleton Village Hall on May 5th at 7.15.

refreshments now being served for which, again, donations will be appreciated





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