Backing the NHS ‘Reinstatement’ Bill 2015

This is our current mission. To which end we have  embarked on a leafleting campaign.   On Saturday 13th Feb we met in Ilkley. Eleven of us turned out with representatives from all our local groups (Keighley, Skipton and Ilkley.)
Last Saturday we braved the weather in Skipton .  On March 5th we will be out in Keighley.



The cross party NHS ‘Reinstatement’ Bill introduced by Caroline Lucas is an attempt to reverse some of the changes made by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act introduced by Andrew Lansley.

It was written by Allyson Pollock and barrister Peter Roderick. Peter sent us a summary of the main changes in the 2012 Act and their implications for the NHS, after addressing us at our ‘Return the NHS to its Founding Principles Workshop’ 

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act… 

  • abolished the Secretary of State’s duty to provide key NHS services throughout England, and replaced it with a duty on individual clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to contract for the provision of services for persons for whom they were responsible;
  • made all trusts 51% NHS and 49% non-NHS, by prospectively abolishing NHS Trusts with the intention of them becoming NHS Foundation Trusts and then stipulating that Foundation Trusts would not fulfil their principal purpose unless most of their income was from the NHS. (Peter explained how the list of services that FTs must currently provide would be amended after April 2016, and that Monitor has said this list is expected to be reduced;)
  • made the tendering of services virtually compulsory;
  • took public health out of the NHS, splitting it between the Secretary of State (Public Health England) and local authorities.

He also explained how the 2012 changes were the latest in a series of changes that began with the introduction of the internal market in 1990 (NHS Trusts and the purchaser/provider split) and the creation of more commercially-oriented Foundation Trusts in 2003.

He outlined some of the main proposals of the NHS Reinstatement Bill  to reverse 25 years of marketisation, which has support from Green, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs – including Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

The NHS Reinstatement Bill would:

  • re-establish the legal duty of central government to provide services throughout England,
  • create Health Boards from the bottom-up,
  • end the purchaser-provider split,
  • abolish NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, Monitor and CCGs,
  • end competitive tendering and assert Parliament’s control over treaties (such as the Trans-Atlantic Treaty on Investment and Trade) that could allow international companies to provide NHS services.

The Bill is scheduled to have its second reading in the House of Commons on 11th March 2016, the likelihood of it having the support of a majority of MPs is very small BUT the immediately important thing is to build parliamentary support for the Bill, especially amongst Labour MPs as the party revises its health policy after the leadership election.

Successful legislation will probably have to wait for a change of government, but we can work now to raise awareness of the Bill amongst the public, as well as getting support from local Labour parties and trade unions and monitoring the activities of local CCGs and Trusts.

How can you help?   


Sign the 38 Degrees petition before March 11th.

This calls on all MP’s to…

Please attend the House of Commons on Friday 11th March 2016 for the second reading of the National Health Service Bill.                                                                                                                              Please ensure that the Bill is debated and vote in favour of the Bill.

Write to your MP asking him to attend the reading of the Bill.

Inform yourself of the facts and write to your paper, MP the Government

At every opportunity  raise awareness of the Bill and of the problems in the NHS.

Spread the word.  

Lots of info via our NHS tab.

Ask for and distribute some of our leaflets and maybe even join us on the streets or take them to a group you belong to. We are having 10,000 printed!

Contact an organiser from Skipton or Keighley

If you belong to a group and would like us to come and give a presentation followed by a discussion – let us know.

Things we found when leafleting …

First we had 5000 leaflets printed to support the Junior Doctors.

This is how they were distributed…

Maureen – Arranged a display of leaflets this morning at Ling House and Holycroft surgeries, Keighley Medical Centre,  and Central Hall – all positive and supportive.  Also Keighley library will put up a leaflet on one of its public boards in entrance hall. 
Mike S. is delivering leaflets door to door in Littondale and will hand out at Skipton station with Alan tomorrow before the demo. 
Richard – the leaflets are going like ‘hotcakes’. GP’s surgeries and the public are taking them.
Simon went to Airedale Hospital  – the guy looking after the Reception Area was very happy to put our leaflets out on the front table.  He told me that he had lived in the US and did not want to see a similar health system here.  He said that the NHS staff welcome support from outside. I left a wedge of leaflets there…and also at Steeton GP Surgery.  We should try and get leaflets to all GP practices in the Aire Valley.
Geoff gave 150 out on Sat and has been at it ever since. “From my own experience,  I know that I find one person leafleting is easy to do. What attracts the attention of passers by are the words Save Our NHS, with the emphasis on NHS. I could tell that many people were intending to walk past me until I said …NHS.
Judith went to Ilkley and Skipton practices and various places in Skipton too. Other NHS and Keighley and Skipton group members have leafleted too.
Frank left a bunch of leaflets at Darnley house and also distributed some at a U3A meeting 
Also there was leafleting at railway stations on the morning of the strike.


THEN we had 5000 more leaflets printed in support of the NHS Bill

They have all gone these are the comments post our morning in Ilkley…

“One supporter leafleted in Booths Ilkley on Saturday, after getting permission from the shop manager. I congratulate this 38 Degrees man on his intelligent approach – he not only met a positive response but also managed to stay warm!

I was heartened by the positive response from the vast majority of the public, and the valuable conversations with NHS workers who are concerned for the future.”

Ruth from Ilkley…
‘275 signatures…I collected 24.  Sorry, I forgot to give them to you.
I found the following when I offered the leaflets and solicited signatures inside Booths store:
– Nearly all people accepted a leaflet offered
– If they stopped for a moment I asked them to sign the petition
– When one takes a leaflet the people behind take one
– When one refuses a leaflet the people behind refuse to take one
– only a few refused, one said that there is no threat to the NHS
Most people I talked with said they knew next to nothing about the NHS but all saw huge political problems coming up.  A doctor said she was worried sick.
All said they would take the leaflets away and read them
Some asked for more leaflets so they could give them to their neighbours, families…
I gave a small handful of leaflets to shops and cafes and they were happy to have them on the counter
Shops are good places to stand and solicit support if the store manager agrees”
“I can add another 53 signatures to the running total…Lots of support, some apathy (“it’ll happen anyway “)& one man in favour of privatisation!”


“It was a good morning despite the weather and some adverse reactions eg a stream of swearing directed at the nhs and what she thought of it.  I found many shopkeepers concerned generally about changes and the lack of information before something changes which affects them.2 conversations became discussions of TTIP issues. Offering the leaflets and then explaining led to good feed back and signatures. One shop keeper told me I could get her signature but not trouble her customers  –  ‘Its the law.’  ??  – never heard that before. I had lots of comments regarding the ‘bad show’ as one man expressed it regarding JH’s treatment of our Doctors. The idea of collecting as many signatures as CH’s constituency majority appealed to people and would become a ‘talking point’ I hope.

I think we could do another session on a weekday going round the shops, plus cafes and larger busy shops which I avoided. Have we ever given leaflets out in Tesco and Booths in Ilkley? Generally people were interested and ready to support and the leaflets were never refused.

I will ask the our newsagent if I can insert them into our local papers for delivery one day next week.”         (This did happen)                                                                                                                               Judith                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                 ” I have given leaflets to taxi companies and they are happy for their drivers to hand them out to passengers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Same with the Airedale Hospital where the reception manager welcomes me to stand outside and leaflet and get signatures.
So I will use the next few weeks in an intensive effort in taking our public awareness campaign further and stacking up the signatures.                                                                                                                      Simon


NOW we are planning to have 10,000 more leaflets printed

in support of the NHS Bill

If you want to help to distribute some…

 Contact an organiser from Skipton or Keighley 

NB Links to our leaflets will be provided asap







Junior Doctors – The current situation

On Saturday the junior doctors were marching again.

On Sunday Jeremy Hunt was interviewed by Andrew Marr. It was more like a party political piece. Here is Dr Rachel Clarke’s response

On Wednesday 10th – it is back to the picket line.

We will join them again at Airedale between 9am and noon.

This is from The Law Society Gazette…

John_van_der_Luit_SJ colour with background_crop

Who? Peter Stefanovic, 50, clinical negligence partner at national firm Simpson Millar.

Why is he in the news? He addressed 20,000 protesters at a public rally and posted two videos on social media site YouTube in support of junior doctors facing a planned 30% cut in their income along with increased working hours.

Stefanovic accuses health secretary Jeremy Hunt of attempting to ‘bully’ junior doctors and their representative body, the British Medical Association, into accepting an employment contract that not only offers poorer terms and conditions, but also puts patient welfare at risk.

Thoughts on the policy: ‘As a clinical negligence lawyer, I’m not an obvious candidate to be vociferous in support of the medical profession.

‘However, it is the duty and obligation of each and every lawyer to speak out when an injustice is being done. I’m astonished that no other lawyer has come forward [in this way] to support of the junior doctors and call upon the Law Society to do so publicly now.

‘Everything we do as individuals matters – witness the 12,000 views that my second video has recorded in just a few days. I’ve also been invited to join the negotiations with government. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all stood up and acted.’

Dealing with the media: ‘The press covered the rally, but this is a story that is mostly being driven by social media and word-of-mouth.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘I come from a working-class background and was led to believe as I grew up that this is a country where the principles of integrity and honesty are much admired. I wanted to help uphold those principles.’

Career high: ‘This past week or so. What is happening to junior doctors is one of the grossest injuries ever inflicted on a profession by a British government. I’m pleased that I’ve had an impact, however small.’

Career low: ‘Many years post-qualification I’m still excited about the law. I can’t think of a low point.’


Peter Stefanovic on the Junior Doctors Debate. Published on 27 Jan 2016



Supporting the Junior Doctors

Photos by Bill and Viv and the information sent to the Craven Herald of which they used part.

On Tuesday 12th January the public beeped their support for the Junior Doctors’ stance against the imposition of a new contract. The young doctors on the picket line were all concerned with the maintenance of patient safety which the government states it wants but seems unwilling to replace in the contract. The BMA demands that the contract must include “ robust contractual safeguards on safe working and proper recognition for those working unsocial hours” in order to prevent hospital trusts forcing already overworked junior doctors into dangerously long shifts. DSCF5087

Jeremy Hunt declares that his aim is a 7 day working week, but many believe that if the Government impose this contract, they will then attack the contracts of other NHS staff.  As well as the Government’s current record of underfunding core NHS services and promoting privatisation especially of lucrative areas of the NHS another basis for this belief is that Jeremy Hunt is the author of a book, “Direct Democracy, An Agenda for a New Model Party”  which advocates the replacement of the NHS with an American style insurance based system. A strange choice of Health Minister for a Prime Minister who promised “No top down changes for the NHS”.  


Jeremy Hunt declares that his aim is a 7 day working week, but many believe that if the Government impose this contract, they will then attack the contracts of other NHS staff.  As well as the Government’s current record of underfunding core NHS services and promoting privatisation especially of lucrative areas of the NHS another basis for this belief is that Jeremy Hunt is the author of a book, “Direct Democracy, An Agenda for a New Model Party”  which advocates the replacement of the NHS with an American style insurance based system. A strange choice of Health Minister for a Prime Minister who promised “No top down changes for the NHS”.


Airedale Hospital’s Junior Doctors made it clear they do not want to strike but felt they had no choice. They and student nurses are now in the front line defending a high quality NHS – an NHS run by well-supported staff who are able to give of their best when caring for you. We 38 Degrees members and other supporters stood with the doctors with our BEEP TO BACK OUR DOCTORS  banner and recognised that they together with the nurses are the working life blood of our NHS. Their fight is for the continuation of our NHS free at the point of delivery for all, not an insurance based private system for some and a second tier impoverished service for most of us especially those with long term or difficult cases, which ‘for profit private health care’ spurns.IMG_7170

We all hope the strike will demonstrate to the government the real strength of feeling in this country for our fully funded public health service. We can afford it, we have the right people delivering our health care service , it just needs guts at the top to change the direction of travel now before it is too late. And it starts with settling the Junior Doctors dispute.


This was Steven’s first ever protest 🙂


Joe had been creative 🙂



Northern local organiser get together in Manchester 3/12/15

Watch the  video recorded by Rick Bailey on the day.



What a fantastic day the get-together in Manchester was!

All the notes from the sessions are attached, along with some really helpful videos.

Here are guides from all of the session:

Over the years, through helping and learning from thousands of campaigners, the staff team have learnt a lot about how to run, and win, great campaigns. So we’ve made a set of videos- from how to organise a great event, through to how to get the media involved in your campaign.

Click here to watch them: